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I like Jets To Brazil's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
I like Jets To Brazil

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[06 Aug 2004|02:53pm]


help [07 Jun 2003|04:49pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I need to find a jets to brazil concert listing, someone give me a link please???

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[25 Oct 2002|08:42pm]

the new album...wow! (can't beleive no one made a post about it yet)
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i am obviously new. [19 Aug 2002|12:33am]

[ mood | blank ]

so hello.
and yes. ihave been looking for a community like this for quite a while.
i love jets. have for a long time. and plan on travelling to the next nearest show. as they don't tend to come to canada very often. if ever.
so thats my sob story. just wanted to say hello. and i did.

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[26 Jul 2002|04:56pm]

its JTB Appreciation week on my message board.... if ya wanna go join and talk about em go do it...


if you wanna just d/l the song then do that too :) each day till next friday im putting my 7 faves on there..... today is king medicine.

click here :)

good day :)
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[04 Jul 2002|04:17pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I went to the Jets show last night. Pilot to Gunner was great!
Shiner was absolutely amazing. And Jets To Brazil rocked my socks off.:)
I went to their soundcheck to get the interview. I talked to the drummer Chris, who told me their PR person hadn't even told them they had an interview. I was worried, but told him that if they couldn't do it, I'd understand completely. He came back to me and said, "Yeah, one of the guys will talk with you." *sigh of relief* I figured I'd be talking with the guitarist or bassist or something, but then Chris came walking back over with Blake. I got to do a one on one interview with BLAKE!!!!!
I'll post the interview after I've had a chance to get it all written (it's tape-recorded at the moment). Until then, you can go to Hellcat's Revenge to see all the lovely pictures I took!

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"Arms out like a starfish in a daze...." [03 Jul 2002|12:52am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hello, all! I just happened upon this community, and decided I must join.
I'll be seeing Jets for the first time tomorrow night in a teeny little bar venue. YAY!!
However, not only do I get to see them, I also get to meet and interview them for my 'zine, Hellcat's Revenge.
I'll be sure to post all about it ASAP, and I'll post any photos I take, as well.

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[01 Jul 2002|08:35pm]
i'll write a song about it so i don't forgetCollapse )
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i'm new. [30 Jun 2002|03:50am]
jtb is my favorite band. i saw them tonight in tampa, and last night in orlando. i met blake tonight. fucking beautiful person.

in my journal after orlando:
"Jets to Brazil was so rad. The new songs are brilliant (as expected) and the show was flawless. I can't wait to see them again tonight.
Blake's gonna be like "yo Krystan. Long time no see." Then I'll be like "ya man.. We should chill sometime back at my crib."
Schwarzenbach is ghetto fabulous.

p.s. He quit smoking. He's on the patch. So we'll have our hero for a few more years."

and after tampa:
"so the sound in the orpheum was a lot better than at the social. i was very happy about this. i though "good, maybe tonight, i'll actually be able to hear something besides blake's guitar." but no. 8 million of the most obnoxious teeny boppers decided to push their way to the front and scream along with blake in my ears. he seemed nearly as annoyed as me and the rest of the crowd were, but they seemed more encouraged by our grimaces than discouraged. the worst part was that they talked during every guitar solo and every break.
so i'm fed up. i grab the fattest one by the shoulders and tell her:
"listen up! i completely understand and share your excitement for this band, however, i paid $12 to hear blake sing these words, not you."
i guess this was stupid of me because they sang louder just to spite me. also, their mid-song conversations turned from "isn't blake so hot? i love jawbreaker" to "look how fat she is. what a cow" and "calm down. you aren't allowed to be excited at a concert. you should get a muzzle."
i would blame it on tampa's persistant shittiness, but they said they were from miami. miami must suck.
eventually, blake went into his infamous "i appreciate your zeal, but..." speech that Kevin and I quote so frequently, which seemed to quiet them down a bit, though the damage was already done. the band was fed up. so they shortened their set by one song, playing "sweet avenue" as the girls had so adamantly demanded, but forgoing "wish list," one of my favorite of the new songs."

more to come after gainesville tomorrow.
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[24 Jun 2002|09:15pm]

i got orange rhyming dictionary the other day. i was listening on somafm but then CARP shut them down....damn them.
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[15 Jun 2002|04:19pm]

does anyone know the lyrics for "milk and apples"? im me on: probably insane, or comment and lemme know cuz i want them wicked bad and its killing me!
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[13 Jun 2002|11:58pm]

Alright guys... we finally have a onelinedrawing community. If you're interested.... please join!
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round em up [28 May 2002|07:42pm]

[ mood | happy ]

ok kids i think we should talk
tell us your favorite JTB songs
mine are "chinatown" and "i typed for miles"

the little guitar riff in the begining of chinatown that continues throughout makes me weak and vulnerable.

comment back!

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new meat [27 May 2002|10:59am]

[ mood | awake ]

i just joined this community so i'm saying hi to you guys :-)
my name is rachel, im almost legal, and i live in the wonderful state of PA near philly, but a jersey native. rock on jersey kids if any are out there.
i obviously love you-know-who, so lets be friends.


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[17 May 2002|06:48pm]

[ mood | bored ]

hey i'm alison...i lurve jets to brazil.

a little more about me: i'm eighteen, i have six more days of high school and about three more months until i leave good ol central massachusetts to go to college in washington dc. woo.

this community rules.

holla back.

p.s. did anyone else notice hearing JTB in the background on last season's real world? i heard them play "one summer last fall" on more than one occaision, as well as "milk and apples."

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a plea. [23 Apr 2002|09:33pm]

[ mood | desperate ]

hey hey, i made a community.

Dorks Unite!

these are the reasons you'll join:
> you flaunt a quality that is given the raised eyebrow or labelled "uncool".
> you think i'm really cool and you wanna be just like me.
> i'll be your best friend.

ok, so the first one was the only real good reason. in case you all have forgotten, it's hip to be square. join up!

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nature is beautiful [20 Apr 2002|08:39pm]

I'm a littled vexed at the people who think that replicating and what they think is improving nature. by manipulating plants and vegetables to a speciality they deemed beautiful. like nature is not beautiful enough. The same can be argued with gene modulation, where the to be parents can list a set of traits for there baby to have. What's the joy in that? it completely takes away the surprise. not only do they know the sex of the baby but what eye colour, hair colour, you name it they can probably do it, if not at this moment, then sometime in the future.

where do we draw the line?

We look up to the sky in awe at the brilliance, scientist cannot in a million years, replicate the sky. We define the stars as most grandest. a twinkle in your eyes. The sun; quite possible the perfect smile. brighten anyones day. We depend on the moon for comfort on lonely nights, it never fails to lit the darkness.

Soon we'll be walking side by side to a clone of someone. perfect flawless person, in a oh so fake world. I like my big feet! they really aren't that big but my friends seem to think so. i can live with that.
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[12 Apr 2002|04:41pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]


ticket in one hand
gun in the other
what do you do now

which hand do you choose?

sometimes i wonder.

i'm not depressed or anything right now. but sometimes i just want to leave. to go do something with my life. i know learning is important, but it doesn't feel like it. i've always been one to jump first, and think later. i hate that. but i want to go to the alps and build a cabin. does anyone want to go with me?
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