finlay (greatdecay) wrote in jetstobrazilrox,

nature is beautiful

I'm a littled vexed at the people who think that replicating and what they think is improving nature. by manipulating plants and vegetables to a speciality they deemed beautiful. like nature is not beautiful enough. The same can be argued with gene modulation, where the to be parents can list a set of traits for there baby to have. What's the joy in that? it completely takes away the surprise. not only do they know the sex of the baby but what eye colour, hair colour, you name it they can probably do it, if not at this moment, then sometime in the future.

where do we draw the line?

We look up to the sky in awe at the brilliance, scientist cannot in a million years, replicate the sky. We define the stars as most grandest. a twinkle in your eyes. The sun; quite possible the perfect smile. brighten anyones day. We depend on the moon for comfort on lonely nights, it never fails to lit the darkness.

Soon we'll be walking side by side to a clone of someone. perfect flawless person, in a oh so fake world. I like my big feet! they really aren't that big but my friends seem to think so. i can live with that.
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