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a plea.

hey hey, i made a community.

Dorks Unite!

these are the reasons you'll join:
> you flaunt a quality that is given the raised eyebrow or labelled "uncool".
> you think i'm really cool and you wanna be just like me.
> i'll be your best friend.

ok, so the first one was the only real good reason. in case you all have forgotten, it's hip to be square. join up!
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It's just annoying to me that to be a dork now is to be cool. How trendy is that?! Gag. You would think if you listen to this band you would be a bit more smart, but no.
it annoys me that people are so obsessed with avoiding trends, they lose sight of who they really are.

it annoys me when kids stop liking a band because they become trendy. you're in it for the music. if JTB became popular would you stop listening because it's 'trendy'? my guess is you probably would, lux.

it annoys me when kids stop dressing a certain way because it became trendy. it's your own personal taste, it shouldn't matter if it's a trendy or not.

you don't join a dork community because it's "cool". what does it matter, who are you trying to impress? a bunch of geeks on the net? you do what you do because you like it. it's not a show of individuality, it's not a fashion statement. it doesn't matter which bands i listen to, and if they get popular or 'trendy', big deal. i'll still listen if i like it. it's the people who fear 'trends' that need to become a bit more smart.

follow what you preach.